[NEWBIE] Need help with the makefile.

From: Allan M. Grant (agrant@negia.net)
Date: 12/13/96

I am a newbie impl ad coder and the fact that you got this message is a
wonder already. Most people will laugh at the question I am about to ask
but still I ask it:
When I am told to add a file to my makefile (Like the file color.c) does
it mean to add it as a new object? If as a new object how do I find out
what files other then the starting one (color.c) to put into the object?
If I don't make a new object how do I know into which objects to add it

As well another question I have is:
I run and compiled the mud under Win95 and with MSVC++. But unlike unix
Win95 doesn't have the patch command. If I don't have the patch command
is there any way I can use that type of patch file?

Well thanks for listening to my wierd question.


Allan M. Grant Jr. (alias Pheonix)
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