Re: [CIRCLE] [CODE] eliza probs on SunOS

From: Ric Klaren (
Date: 12/13/96


On Wed, 13 Nov 1996, JEREMY IRISH wrote:

> I'm having a cross-platform nightmare and I need your help. I was able to sucessfully compile 
> (and run with no problems) the eliza code (from on a Linux box and  also a 
> box running BSD, but when I try to port the code to a bare bones SunOs 4.1.3 machine I run into 
> the following error in my syslog:
> realloc error in addreply in call 1
> ..etc..
> ...and the isn't placed into memory.
> Now, I have an idea that since dmalloc.h apparently isn't in my C library that I may have a 
> problem, but I can see several malloc and realloc references in boards.c db.c etc... so should I 
> have another include, or is there another problem here? There shouldn't be any memory problems 
> since the mud is the only process running on the machine. 

You should ignore the dmalloc.h it's only needed when using the dmalloc 
malloc debugging lib. So it's save to ignore.

> BTW, the Sun Machine is very very bare bones (I just compiled a gcc compiler on it last week).

It sounds to me as a problem of the C libraries you are using... What gcc 
and libc versions are you using (if you compiled them yourselves)

I might try compiling it on a sun on our faculty... but only if my 
limited time allows.... (and I still got an account then with acces to 
suns with that version of the os)

Grtnx Ric
aka GrimReaper of Realms of Frustration ( 4000 bound to move 
to 4000)

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