Re: [NEWBIE] Need help with the makefile.

From: Nic Suzor (
Date: 12/13/96

At 01:08 PM 12/13/96 -0500, Allan M. Grant wrote:
>I run and compiled the mud under Win95 and with MSVC++. But unlike unix
>Win95 doesn't have the patch command. If I don't have the patch command
>is there any way I can use that type of patch file?

my guess would be that you have to view the .patch, and manually change
things. + means add that line, - means take that line away, and ! means
change that line (you will see what to when you scroll down, where it has a
! and the changed version of that line).

however, i have stumbled over a patch command for dos, i havent tried it
out yet, as i run under linux, but you might want to have a look:

(taken from howpatch.txt, by Kyle R. Hofmann <>)
       Get and install a version of patch suitable for your OS.  Under most
       unicies, (including Linux) this is already available.  For DOS, you
       I don't know where a windows 95/nt version of patch resides, but the
       DOS version should execute just fine.  If you want to compile your own
       version of patch, get it from

hope this helps some :)
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