[NEWBIE] Spell Target

From: Joe Frohne (frohne@post.its.mcw.edu)
Date: 12/14/96

Hi All,
I have a small problem.  I am trying to add a spell and ran into a small 
glich in my code.  I have modified the values of my PC corpses in fight.c 
to hold their name in alias list, the vnum of the PC is stored in the 
objects cost and amount of exp lost is there somewhere also.  What I want 
to do with this is be able to cast a spell on the PC corpse and transfer the 
PC to the same room as caster & corpse. 

What I tried to do from here is cast spell on obj(corpse) and tried to 

struct ch_data *stiff;

stiff = get_char_num(GET_OBJ_COST(obj));  /*supposed to return pointer toPC*/
char_to_room(stiff, ch->in_room);

What happens is get_char_num searches for the MOB with the rnum and not 
PC's vnum.  Basicaly all I want to do is find a character in the world 
based on either his/her name or vnum.  I just dont see the function I 
should use.

Any help is VERY apprecitated

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