[NEWBIE] Races on who...

From: Raf (picard@indigo.ie)
Date: 12/14/96

Installed the races, works fine, now im trying to add the race name 
to the wholist. Pretty simple you would think? Yup..seems so, except 
for the fact that it uhh...doesnt work :)
I have RACE_ABBR(tch), like CLASS_ABBR(tch) , and yes, ive 
put in a race abbrev thing in utils.c, just like the class abbrev. 
Compiles okay, but when i type who the mud crashes. (Maybe im being a 
bit unclear about what exactly I added, by thats cause I havent got 
the code with me...) 
Anyway, can anybody help? Im probably missing some really simple
Thanks in advance,

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