Re: [NEWBIE] Races on who...

From: Nic Suzor (
Date: 12/14/96

did u add a struct for RACE_ABBR[NUM_RACES+1] or something, with all the
race names listed? looks sorta like this, look at the class_name struct in
class.c. i dont have the code here, so this is probably wrong :)

struct char RACE_ABBR[NUM_RACES+1] {

if you cant find it, try grep -i abbr *.[ch], and follow the CLASS_ABBR
macro to its roots, and just copy all of it and rename it to suit
yourself... thats how i did it anywayz :)

At 01:03 AM 1/1/90 +0000, Raf wrote:
>I have RACE_ABBR(tch), like CLASS_ABBR(tch) , and yes, ive 
>put in a race abbrev thing in utils.c, just like the class abbrev. 

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