[CODE]mobprog and mobcmd.c

From: Peter Hartman (hartman@kuntrynet.com)
Date: 12/15/96

I grabbed the mobprog patch for circle stock 3.0 pl11
Initially i installed it on my pretty modified src dir and got 2.rej and
2 fails in the output of the patch.
so i fixed those and ran make
and it gets to mobcmd.c and errors out a bunch.

so i plopped down a stock directory and tried it under stock 3.0pl11 src

and it did the same blimey thing.

Is mobcmd.c buggy?  is there a fix that anyone did?  If anyone has any
help I would be much appreciating.  Or any info ... i grabbed the
program a month or so ago so maybe a patch is out?

or even if you have it running fine that would help too so i atleast no
it isnt a hopeless cause 

thanks again!


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