mobs and tells (Part2) and Obj sending (part 2)

From: Cyber Reaper (
Date: 12/15/96

sorry.. but I forgot to mention that I am NOT using mob programs... I want
these in spec_procs only... (unless someone wants to come install mob prog's
on my mud.. (we have tried several times with NO luck))

thanks... =:)


=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- obj sending =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

ok.. I tried the OBj sending but it seems that well.. here is the case...

I send a rose to kendra.. 

now every messsage I get has a rose attached... even though the other person
did not send it... 

the SAD part is that this happens even after SEVERAL reboots...

where should I look in the code that was sent to the list about freeing up
that varable..? (it appears that is the problem) thanks....

oh... also... if you NEVER send any items it sends a BUG (vnum 0) =:\

Cyber Reaper

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