Re: [Offtopic] 'Code Begging'

From: Chris Grantham (
Date: 12/16/96

Anthony J rye wrote:
> heh i cant really give you answer my self.i am having problems with the
> thing not saving and after using the editors the mud crashes.
>  so please can you help me :P
>  all the editor except aedit heh
>  oh well oh umm would it be to much to ask if maybe i could get your code
> for levels and stuff? the levels code is what i need the most.
>  i tried to do it from reading the levels.doc file but ended up coping the
> orginally file struct.h and class.c back in to the mud*shrug*
>  Please help a newbie coder :P

I believe there was a discussion on this form of asking for code about 4
months ago, and unless I am mistaken it was determined to be extremely
non-kosher, and annoying.

Please, if you want to add something to your mud, at this stage it's
fine to add patches, look at the snippets, that's how I learned C!

I've been there with some of these additions (Classes, Races, Levels),
and it is complicated at first. Try adding levels again, and if you get
errors post all modified levels code, and your error (and it'd be best
to include which OS you're using), and I'm positive there'd be someone
on the list that could track down the bug.


log("Hmm.. what's this? SPAM??");
send_to_char("Hmm.. what's this..", ch)
for (i=0 i<200 i++)
send_to_char("..a doughnut!!!", ch) 
/*           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^						  */
/* Does this need a second arg? I think it does.. again, in mailer.. so
sue me =) */

Now as Daniel would say, it's written in the mailer, so don't use
(prolly buggy as all get out). If on the off chance you like it, please
tell me so I can brag to friends =)

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