Re: [Offtopic] 'Code Begging'

From: Anthony J rye (
Date: 12/16/96

On Mon, 16 Dec 1996, Chris Grantham wrote:

> Anthony J rye wrote:
> > heh i cant really give you answer my self.i am having problems with the
> > thing not saving and after using the editors the mud crashes.
> >  so please can you help me :P
> >  all the editor except aedit heh
> >  oh well oh umm would it be to much to ask if maybe i could get your code
> > for levels and stuff? the levels code is what i need the most.
> >  i tried to do it from reading the levels.doc file but ended up coping the
> > orginally file struct.h and class.c back in to the mud*shrug*
> >  Please help a newbie coder :P
> > 
> I believe there was a discussion on this form of asking for code about 4
> months ago, and unless I am mistaken it was determined to be extremely
> non-kosher, and annoying.
> Please, if you want to add something to your mud, at this stage it's
> fine to add patches, look at the snippets, that's how I learned C!
> I've been there with some of these additions (Classes, Races, Levels),
> and it is complicated at first. Try adding levels again, and if you get
> errors post all modified levels code, and your error (and it'd be best
> to include which OS you're using), and I'm positive there'd be someone
> on the list that could track down the bug.
> ObCircle:
> ACMD(do_spam)
> {
> log("Hmm.. what's this? SPAM??");
> send_to_char("Hmm.. what's this..", ch)
> for (i=0 i<200 i++)
> {
> send_to_char("..a doughnut!!!", ch) 
> /*           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^						  */
> /* Does this need a second arg? I think it does.. again, in mailer.. so
> sue me =) */
> }
> }
> Now as Daniel would say, it's written in the mailer, so don't use
> (prolly buggy as all get out). If on the off chance you like it, please
> tell me so I can brag to friends =)
> Chris
well it was just a question man i didnt know about what was agreed 4months
ago becuase i just subscribe a week ago.
 I see nothing wrong with exchanging codes with ppl escpecially if it may
help them out.
 i may not be able to write my own right now,but in future what ever codes
i can share i will.

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