Re: Splitting the list
Date: 12/16/96

So, basicly what you are saying is create two lists, one populated by 
newbies trying to help other newbies.  And one populated by people who 
know what they are doing, but dont want to help those that don't.  Uh, 
doesn't sound like a good idea to me.  Considering that 3 weeks ago I did 
not know a thing about C or C++, but I have still added two new classes, 
hacked the score command so that it shows a persons physical attributes, 
modify olc so that when I use it it can add the flags for the two new 
classes, added new zones that included spec_procs, aside from fixing a 
bug that was causing my mud to crash on boot, and in doing all of this I 
asked only one question of this group (where to find the portion that 
does the score command (do_score), not, mind you, how to add what I 
wanted (I figured out how to do that by myself)).  I use this group to 
find out about bugs and fixes.  I learn by listening to you guys, RTFM, 
and by looking in my book on C++. Starting up a second list just means 
that everyone will sign on to both, choose the one they like, the list 
that most people drop will die, and everyone will start using the 
remaining list, including newbies.


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