Re: RE: Splitting the list

From: Josh B. (
Date: 12/17/96

I agree with you here to some extent :).   I am not the best coder in the
world, nor do I consider myself that good at it, but I'm here just pretty
much reading what other people have to say about mudding, etc.  I do
though take the time to try to figure out the problems myself before
bothering other people with them.  I feel the need to do this because I
think the only way you can truly learn is to experiment with things
yourself.  I think the major problem is most of the "newbies" don't want
to spend the time it takes to code if you don't get code from somebody
else.  It does take a lot of time, and I'll admit, there are times where
I'll spend hours on something simple before I can actually get the thing
working right, but I feel it necessary to try myself first so I become a
better coder, and can do more things in the future.

Just my two cents.. 
Josh B.

On Tue, 17 Dec 1996, J. David Ribak wrote:

> My basic point to this long-winded message is, if you are
> a new mud imp, coder, whatever, take the time to read the
> documentation, fiddle around, etc, before coming to the
> list.  And if you do come to the list for help, dont come
> here with the attitude of write my mud for me.  Ask for
> help in a polite manner, and give enough information so
> that someone can help you with your problem.  There seem
> to be a lot of "help, my olc is broken" questions, yet they
> dont state which version of olc they are using, which command
> is causing the problem, etc.

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