RE: Splitting the list

From: J. David Ribak (ribak@Token.Net)
Date: 12/17/96

I strangely feel the need to add my two cents to this discussion
eeeregarding splitting the list and the attitude towards newbies.

I think that the problem being expressed is not truly stating the
nature of the problem.  Personally, I dont get the impression
that everyone hates newbies and wants them off the list, or in
their own list, but rather hates the obnoxious, immature, 'gimme'
attitude that seems to come with a lot of newbies lately.

This seems to be a fundamental problem with mud world and
the internet in general.   With more and more people
having easy, cheap access to the internet, there are more
and more younger people mudding, and interested in starting
their own mud.  If you read the mud newsgroups, you are
hit with a deluge of "New circle mud, telnet here!" ads.
Telnetting to the site, you are greeted with "Your mud
nane here" title screens and the basic 4 races.  People
throw up stock muds right and left w/o caring, or w/o
the expertise to code/run/adminster the mud.

More and more people are subscribing to the list with
the attitude that everyone else should help them because
they gunzipped, untarred and compiled a stock circle mud.
"Write a patch on this, help me with this, write this for me."
A lot of questions which are not code related can easily
be solved by taking the time and reading the documentation,
reading the FAQ, experimenting with the mud, and listening
to others.

I did not really want to get into the subject of coding
because I know from experience that you do not need 
coding experience to run a successful mud.  I have 
established two muds, one of which is still running,
and I currently run a third, which in my opinion is
one of the better muds on the net ;).   The extent of my
coding experience is adding a spec_proc, or writing
a new spell or skill.  I have done this w/o extensive 
coding knowledge with the aid of a coding staff, and
at the least a humble and polite attitude when asking
strangers for help.

My basic point to this long-winded message is, if you are
a new mud imp, coder, whatever, take the time to read the
documentation, fiddle around, etc, before coming to the
list.  And if you do come to the list for help, dont come
here with the attitude of write my mud for me.  Ask for
help in a polite manner, and give enough information so
that someone can help you with your problem.  There seem
to be a lot of "help, my olc is broken" questions, yet they
dont state which version of olc they are using, which command
is causing the problem, etc.

Well..that is what I felt needed to be said about the recent
debate.  Take it how you will, but think on some of the
things I wrote.

Phoenix MUD 4000

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