Re: RE : On spliting the list.. please!!!

From: Whitey (zacker@ACSU.Buffalo.EDU)
Date: 12/17/96

Splitting the list and requiring that advanced users pass some sort of
'test' is the lamest idea I have heard.  There is a large grey area
between the 'newbie' coder and the advanced coder.  Any test you put forth
would be an excercise in futility as well as elitism.  If you get a newbie
question that you don't think should be asked, then ignore it.  If you
don't like getting newbie mail, then either unsubscribe to this list, or
start your own with yourself and 2 of your friends as the only
subscribers.  That seems to be the type of list you want anyways.  If
you're so 'advanced' why would you need to subscribe to this mailing list
anyways?  So, don't split the list!  I'd rather have a mailing list
comprised solely of newbies than of you egotistical butt-head coders who
think they'er too good to help out some novice coders who are just looking
for a little assistance and insight.

Whitey (the advanced coder)

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