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Date: 12/17/96

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>From Tue Dec 17 01:52:31 1996
Subject:  Thoughts Of Division
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I was wondering what the popular opinion would be of possibly splitting
the list into two:  A newbie list and an advanced list.

Considering the sheer volume of messages that go:
   "Uh, duh, give me code for xxx, and fix all my crashes"

It would be nice to be able to converse with those who can at least
describe their problems in detail, and pose intelligent ideas.  Not
saying that there's anything wrong with being a newbie, but I'm sure most
will agree that too many people are clueless, and to worsen things, they
are unwilling to do any work on their own.

That's my late-night bitch for today.  <G>

Shawn J. Wallace

  Yes.... definatly.. after i was swamped with mail myself yesterday,
I got nothing but newbie mail... and I also dont want to have to sort through
every piece of mail because people dont know how to use the proper headers.

  So... Here is my vote to spliting the list... and also you have to fill
out the servay that ccomes along with questions on it... if ya dont get them
right.. you obvoisly dont know how to code...   And if later down the road
we question that your still too young for the advanced mailing list.. the
we boot you off..  

  You dont pay money to get the list.. so if your a newbie.. be glad your
getting it now.

  Anyone else agreis with me and Shawn.... swap circle with mail .. :P

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