Re: RE : On spliting the list.. please!!!

From: Joe Frohne (
Date: 12/17/96

In order for a list serve to be usefull, you don't want to segregate the 
people who have the knowledge and those who don't.  A newbie list would 
serve no purpose.  If a newbie list just contains those who are not adept 
to running/coding/building a mud, how are they going to learn from those 
who have allready made the same mistakes?

>From an elitist stand point, yes, seperating the list will get rid of the 
newbie questions.  However, if you don't want to read the newbie 
questions, it is not a big deal to just flush them.  Perhaps informing 
them of the standards of the listserve is a more fitting solution and 
stress anything that a low level question should be preceded by [NEWBIE].

Not to mention the fact that in the future, they may become proficient 
and be able to contribute to the list in a more usefull way.


P.S. Yes, I am a newbie to the list, I have coded some things without the 
list, but it has given me ideas and pointers to things I may not have 
otherwise seen.  So, the list does serve a purpose to newbies.

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> I was wondering what the popular opinion would be of possibly splitting
> the list into two:  A newbie list and an advanced list.
> Considering the sheer volume of messages that go:
>    "Uh, duh, give me code for xxx, and fix all my crashes"
> It would be nice to be able to converse with those who can at least
> describe their problems in detail, and pose intelligent ideas.  Not
> saying that there's anything wrong with being a newbie, but I'm sure most
> will agree that too many people are clueless, and to worsen things, they
> are unwilling to do any work on their own.
> That's my late-night bitch for today.  <G>
> ---
> Shawn J. Wallace
>   Yes.... definatly.. after i was swamped with mail myself yesterday,
> I got nothing but newbie mail... and I also dont want to have to sort through
> every piece of mail because people dont know how to use the proper headers.
>   So... Here is my vote to spliting the list... and also you have to fill
> out the servay that ccomes along with questions on it... if ya dont get them
> right.. you obvoisly dont know how to code...   And if later down the road
> we question that your still too young for the advanced mailing list.. the
> we boot you off..  
>   You dont pay money to get the list.. so if your a newbie.. be glad your
> getting it now.
>   Anyone else agreis with me and Shawn.... swap circle with mail .. :P
> -Darklord
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