[Off-Topic(ish)] Splitting The List

From: Andrew Forster (amf94@ecs.soton.ac.uk)
Date: 12/17/96

>their own mud.  If you read the mud newsgroups, you are
>hit with a deluge of "New circle mud, telnet here!" ads.
>Telnetting to the site, you are greeted with "Your mud
>nane here" title screens and the basic 4 races.  People

Don't knock the basic four *classes*. But then I've done lots of other code 
for our mud. (And the first thing we did was change the name)

>throw up stock muds right and left w/o caring, or w/o
>the expertise to code/run/adminster the mud.

Linux is partly responsible here, along with the windows stuff for circle.
After all, linux PC's are becoming more and more prolific. ('cept at my place -

>More and more people are subscribing to the list with
>the attitude that everyone else should help them because
>they gunzipped, untarred and compiled a stock circle mud.
>"Write a patch on this, help me with this, write this for me."

It's the easiest way to get things done. Even I can confess to being 
impatient from time to time. But that's what cut n paste is for :-).
Why bother coding something when someone else has already done it 

(apart from the fact you'll learn the source more quickly, it's good practice
and all the other _fun_ reasons to do it yourself)

>A lot of questions which are not code related can easily
>be solved by taking the time and reading the documentation,
>reading the FAQ, experimenting with the mud, and listening
>to others.

This is quite probably true. I have not read the faq, but then neither have I 
asked thousands of questions to the list.. This is my first offering to the 
group. Experimentation though is a good point. Keep a backup of the code. Play
around. Enjoy yourself. Who cares if your mud keeps crashing or your spell
code doesn't work? (*ducks*)
>My basic point to this long-winded message is, if you are
>a new mud imp, coder, whatever, take the time to read the
>documentation, fiddle around, etc, before coming to the
>list.  And if you do come to the list for help, dont come

Hear hear! I joined the list to provide a source of information, ideas,
and possibly pieces of code that I can use. But only if they crop up.
I'm not gonna go looking for all the code.. If it passes my way, fine.
Else, I'll write it myself (or at least *try*)

>here with the attitude of write my mud for me.  Ask for
>help in a polite manner, and give enough information so
>that someone can help you with your problem.  There seem
>to be a lot of "help, my olc is broken" questions, yet they
>dont state which version of olc they are using, which command
>is causing the problem, etc.

On a lighter note. Does anyone know if the linux libc free() bug manifests 
itself under circle 3.0bpl8. Not a problem if you don't. Just wondered if
there were any documented cases of it not known to myself.

Well that's my tuppence or so anyway..

Ob.plug: cslib.ecs.soton.ac.uk 6969 (still under testing, but feel free to come
                                                                  and criticise)
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