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From: Kyrian (
Date: 12/19/96

> Don't knock the basic four *classes*. But then I've done lots of other code 
> for our mud. (And the first thing we did was change the name)
Well, it depends on the mud, but only having four classes and little else 
is the first way to tell a 'newbie coder's mud.

Why you could have concepts, forms, and classes...
Like my mud (when my damn machine arrives)
Where you can be a Vampire Cleric, in mist form. For example.

> >they gunzipped, untarred and compiled a stock circle mud.
> >"Write a patch on this, help me with this, write this for me." 

****> Why bother coding something when someone else has already done it ****

Says it all.
Although, usually other peoples code doesn't do exactly what you want, so 
you have to modify it.

> (apart from the fact you'll learn the source more quickly, it's good practice
> and all the other _fun_ reasons to do it yourself)
As fury (of merc thingy) said. The only way to learn c is iterating.
'play with it', 'read the documentation', 'fix the bugs', 'read the 
documentation', or something like that...

> This is quite probably true. I have not read the faq, but then neither have I 
> asked thousands of questions to the list.. This is my first offering to the 
> group. Experimentation though is a good point. Keep a backup of the code. Play
> around. Enjoy yourself. Who cares if your mud keeps crashing or your spell
> code doesn't work? (*ducks*)
Do I spot a slight dig there Mr. Bluemeat.
No. DarkMist is very stable.
But yeah, I have given up on my spells, they aren't working at all...
I think there is a problem in get_char_room_vis.
Initially, I thought the CAN_SEE macro was not working, but that isn't 
the case.
My do_cast, call_magic etc. are the same as stock circle.
And the spells setup is as with stock code.
yet I keep getting 'who/what should the spell be cast on...'

Anyone have any initial ideas before I post my full spell code?

Kyrian. Of DarkMist(yes, it is still heavily in testing :-P )
(and yes, I have tonnes of code backups...)

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