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Date: 12/19/96

On Thu, 19 Dec 1996, Kyrian wrote:
Obcircle First:
> <snipped>
> Do I spot a slight dig there Mr. Bluemeat.
> No. DarkMist is very stable.
> But yeah, I have given up on my spells, they aren't working at all...
> I think there is a problem in get_char_room_vis.
> Initially, I thought the CAN_SEE macro was not working, but that isn't 
> the case.
> My do_cast, call_magic etc. are the same as stock circle.
> And the spells setup is as with stock code.
> yet I keep getting 'who/what should the spell be cast on...'
> Anyone have any initial ideas before I post my full spell code?

Did you assign the legal targets for the spells in spell_parser.c? Ie
TAR_CHAR_ROOM, TAR_NOTSELF, etc... as they apply?

> > Don't knock the basic four *classes*. But then I've done lots of other code 
> > for our mud. (And the first thing we did was change the name)
> Well, it depends on the mud, but only having four classes and little else 
> is the first way to tell a 'newbie coder's mud.
Not necessarily. As Furry pointed out a long time ago somewhere, the true
way to tell a newbie mud is to log in as one of those classes and see if
your starting skills are the same as stock :P. His own example then was
mage and magic missle... you gotta admit that for any mud, casting a 'magic
missle' does not instill much confidence in a mage to be... as well as a 
player who is considering playing in your mud.

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