Re: Thoughts Of Division

From: Shawn J. Wallace (
Date: 12/19/96

> Ok well here is my bitching Asshole!
>  You didnt know shit either i bet when you first started coding either and
> i bet you did the same exact thing!
>  And if You say you didnt your lying to yourself and everyone else.
>  This is suppose to be like a help newsgroup right?
>  at least thats what i thought .To be honest i dont see anything wrong in
> sharing codes with anyone thats a part of learning.So what if they ask you
> cant give a simple answer like no I am stiching ,And i dont share my codes
> ,but if you need help well fuck you i aint doing that either.
>   If your going to be like that why are you even subscribe to here?

Thank you for so eloquently proving my point.  And as an aside, I knew 
how to program (or 'code') years before I started Mudding.  


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