Re: [CODE] [HELP] [Off-Topic(ish)] Splitting The List

From: Andrew Forster (
Date: 12/19/96

>Not necessarily. As Furry pointed out a long time ago somewhere, the true
>way to tell a newbie mud is to log in as one of those classes and see if
>your starting skills are the same as stock :P. His own example then was
>mage and magic missle... you gotta admit that for any mud, casting a 'magic
>missle' does not instill much confidence in a mage to be... as well as a 
>player who is considering playing in your mud.

Okay. We have the basic classes and the basic skills. But that's cos we 
like to keep it simple for newbies. So if we were to rename magic missile, we
would no longer be a newbie mud :-)

It's when you reach level 30 and become highlander, things start to liven up..

Bluemeat, Timescape Mud, 6969

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