[CODE][OFFERING] Ranged weapons and grenades

From: Scott Warren (scottw59@mail.idt.net)
Date: 12/19/96

Hi all,

       I coded ranged weapons and grenades for a mud last summer but it
folded before every opening. I figured I'd make a patch and put it on the
circle ftp site. It's a fairly extensive set of patches along with 2 new c
code files/modules whatever you want to call them. I'm looking for a mud
that would like to test out my patch-work. The patches for OasisOLC are
       new commands:
        pull pin
        throw <item> <direction>
        shoot <mob> <direction>
        look <direction>

       new items:
        bows, crossbows, slings, rocks, arrows, bolts, thowable, grenades

       Let me know if anyone is interested... btw if you can't apply a patch
on your own then please do not respond. I am not interested in patching this
in FOR you. I am interested in making sure that I've included all the stuff
needed to release this code for public consumption. (I have a lot of other
modifications and trying to separate them is tedious and probably prone to

                Scott  - scottw59@mail.idt.net

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