Re: [CODE][OFFERING] Ranged weapons and grenades

From: AxL (
Date: 12/19/96


	I grabbed it off the ftp site this mornin...there were a few
copies of it there that were below th stated size, but one of your 
uploads did go thru ok....that's the one I got.

	It patched just fine, I'd like to report. :)  Not seamlessly,
since I have started to get above and beyond the stock circle...but
the fixes were _very_ minor, I assure....and all due to stuff that I 
myself have added to my code.

	The only mod I cannot report on is the oasis olc patch, since I
do not have an old installed, nor do I plan to... (for the same reasons
that I do all my web pages in vi, but I will digress from that point.)

	So, congrats on a very well-done and imp'ed patch package...and
to those of you who will put this in, make sure to read the README file does state that some game mechanics do need to be put
in as well...such as the "grenade tossed into a PEACE room" one...hehe..
and if you want to keep your theme strictly medieval/fantasy, just
make your grenade items into oil flasks or something similar, and alter
the "pull pin" activator.

good luck,
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