Re: Stock bug report. - reply - lengthy

From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 12/17/96

I feel VERY bad about spamming the list with this, but this thread has
gone on way too long, first of all, ANYONE can sneak the way its coded, 
because there is no class check or even a check to see if they know it...

Now as for it being a toggle, if they do the sneak, they have the flag set
for like level +1 tick... for that entire time, they sneak, if they type
sneak again, it removes the flag.

This seems pretty evident to me, but I could be missing it so please
forgive the tone of this mail, this thread has been kinda irritating me
with the STOCK BUG REPORT!!!! cause it isnt a bug, just an opinion on how
it should work...

If i am way off please correct me, and flames directly to me.

Ghost Shaidan

And P.S.

Unless its a critical failure, most ppl who are sneaking arent going to
know if they are succeeding or not, (AD&D background coming to the fore
here) so there is no message saying if you succeed or fail.  

whew what a load for .02$

On Sun, 15 Dec 1996, AxL wrote:

> [...stock diku do_sneak...]
> > should be...
> > 
> > ACMD(do_sneak)
> > {
> >   struct affected_type af;
> >   byte percent;
> > 
> >   if (IS_AFFECTED(ch, AFF_SNEAK)) {
> >     affect_from_char(ch, SKILL_SNEAK);
> >     send_to_char("Everyone around you now notices your presence.\r\n", ch);
> >     return;
> >   }
> > 
> >   send_to_char("Okay, you'll try to move silently for a while.\r\n", ch);
> >   percent = number(1, 101);     /* 101% is a complete failure */

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