[Code offering]

From: Erik (madison@nevada.edu)
Date: 12/16/96

  As I've begun many a project with circle snippets, I feel I should 
offer the improved versions back.
  First off, I have auction. It's been revamped to account for numerous 
cities, and works in a declared auction house only. I do not believe in 
global channels, nor do I think it realistic to have an auctioneer 'pop' 
to you and handle the exchange when your miles away. So, players all 
converge to the house in their hometown and bargain their butts off. All 
bugs are gone, and quitting/renting etc do not disrupt the auction.
  Next I have mobprogs. As I found the circle port to be a continuation 
of the original bugs, and even a few new ones added, I began with the 
original vanilla merc version. All memory leaks are gone, the code in 
many places is simplified, and I believe a fair amount of cpu cycling
has been slashed.
  Now, the only drawback to these offers, is I do not run circle. We are 
based off sequent and copper, but have picked up many flavors since then. 
I look to circle for many things, as it is the closest base there is to 
ours, but we still differ in many areas. So, any who would like these 
files, be ready for some porting. The vast majority would consist of 
deciphering what our macros are, and thus would not be overtly difficult, 
but I would not recommend this to any of the newer coders.
  That said, any who wish, send an email with a valid return...
                                  Fafhrd of Duris              
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