[Spec-Proc] Tell-Proc (was Re: ... Something Terry Posted :P)

From: Alvoria MUD (mudguy@conan.ids.net)
Date: 12/17/96

Okie... I ironed out the last bug and added another element so that you
can assign it to multiple mobs and have their responses, etc... separate.

The spec-proc itself only has a single cmd_check that does all the work,
so you can easily use this as a base for other procs, or add this function-
ality to other procs by copying that if() {} clause and making the necessary
variables accesable/available in the new proc.

Perhaps later I will make it so you don't have to assign this to a mob as
a spec_proc... perhaps just give a mob a flag or something... hm... we'll


  - mendar

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