Re: reporting bugs

From: AxL (
Date: 12/17/96

>>  or not, which I would feel adds more to the unknown factor of whether the
>>  skill was a sucess, as it shold.
>Really! Wow!
>> 	A mere suggestion of a different way of coding a skill is _NOT_
>> a bug report...please don't report it as such.
>YESSA Missa Charlie!

	Whatever, tough guy.

To the rest of the list subscribers:

	Apologies for my earlier messages going out twice...I haven't 
been able to get any conenctions out to the mailing list or the web site 
in over a week, so I re-mailed from another site.  But the original ones
finally went thru at about the same time.  So, ignore the spam.  Sorry. 
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