[Code] Stupid Errors:)

From: Alex Wingert (cwingert@interaccess.com)
Date: 12/17/96

This is a mobprog thing....
I know, everyone prolly sick of seeing this:)
gcc -c -g -O -Wall  mobcmd.c
In file included from mobcmd.c:39:
structs.h:984: syntax error before `socket_t'
In file included from mobcmd.c:44:
comm.h:33: syntax error before `desc'
comm.h:43: syntax error before `sigfunc'
comm.h:43: warning: data definition has no type or storage class
*** Error code 1

Well, I looked at socket_t and the stuff around it...couldn't find a darn
thing wrong...infact...looks just like the original code
I'm just wondering if anyone else got an error like this when they
installed mob progs....
Syntax error:)...sheesh:)

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