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From: Corey Brenner (
Date: 12/17/96

>   Are you being a smart ass or somethin... whats with the encrypted


> messages.. and the remarks on dat.. if you have a better machine.. great..
> but im not fucken around here.. i got an acct to start ya off in.. until

Heh... I was remarking on the 14T of disk.  I can say, with metaphysical
certitude, that you *DON'T* have 14T of disk on that thing.  2G of RAM
is at least believable (on a fully loaded SGI Power Challenge), as I've
seen an IBM RS6000 in the city engineering office here in Rolla with a
GB of RAM.

> i get it.. duno spects on processors but if it has 4 of them.. (which i know
> it at least  has) but yea.. i am sure i can get it on a T-1 no problem..

T1?  Great.  1.544Mb/sec would be nice for a Mud.  I'll say that that's a
lot faster than one could get here at UMR.  Now, the real question, is that
gonna be linked into an inverse-multiplexed T3 at the corporate office?
(I'm assuming that you've a T3 there, since you can run a T1 directly to
 the mainframe that's sitting in your neighbor's yard).  A better solution,
and one that will benefit all that use the system, would be to use an ATM
switch at the main interconnection point to switch packets over the network.
That will bring better bandwidth to the whole affair.  Another question,
are you on a simple ethernet at the office, or do you have a HPPI or FDDI
ring going?  with 14T of disk, you'll clobber the network with data coming
from controllers that can apparently handle such things.  BTW, how's business?
Must be booming if you can afford the multiple tens of millions of dollars it
would take just to think about such an affair.

>   Just wanted to know if you were being a smartass.. thats all.


Corey Brenner
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