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Date: 12/17/96

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> >  Ok.. first of all.. whats the point in having a mud.. if you have to
> > everybody do all the work for you..  This directed at raven's replys.
> I know nothing of Raven's replies, but the point of a MUD is to have
> fun doing something totally worthless!  It's a blast!
> >   However, if anybody is interested in wanting to do some code.. i am
> > i can get them a site.. no problem..  I have been expecting my friend and
> > I to get a mini mainframe.. sitting in friend's neighbors backyard.
> Really?  Would that perchance be a DEC PDP-11?  That's a mighty machine!
> >   It has 14 Tera HD and 2 Gigs of RAM ... if interested i can set you up
> > another acct. until i can get the OS installed on the new server.  Ohh..
> > if your worried about band width.. i work for an ISP.. so i can haul it
> > work and route it on a T-1 .. otherwise .. id be forking up the money to
> > a dual ISDN in my office at home.

#Ok, the mail seemed ok up to about here, did you take a trip after this? or
#some heroin?  Can't say I've ever seen a 13 year old working for an
#ISP...hmmm.....get some help....

#This is the most worthless piece of shit I've seen so far in the year I've
#been here, unsubscribe and go to a newsgroup like alt.druggies. I think
#you're the 13 year old here man.

ahhhhhhhhh, it is a joke there high speed. I mean, christ, for anyone to take
this post seriously, I mean the dude said he had 14 TB of disk, I'm sure
to believe he works for an ISP.... By the way, what kind of drives are those?
Is it an array of 9 gigers or did you jerry rig those robotics drives to work?
(I bet they're eide interfaced as well) Is this mainframe under a tarp, or is
it waterproof? I guess your pretty rich, Wal Mart has a similiar system (only
7 TB though, and they paid 2 million)

Besides, from the collection of signatures I have seen on here, I think it is
safe to say, SAVE MY WATCH. (Hi, I am the CEO of Dickshit Software, how do I 
add races to my mud?) oh yea, and his email said blah@blah.EDU

> Ooooh, b1ff...  You're probably like 13 yearz o1d, right d00d?  \//@W!
> That's like ]{e\\/l, d00dz.  I W15h I had like 14T of d1sk.  That'd B
> like kewl.  I 0nLy have like 4GiGz on my dool-PeNtAgRaM system w/64mB
> r4m.  U're da M4cK!  U mUzT run D05 on that MachInE.  0r 3v3n B3773r,
> \\/iNd0z3 '95.
> Mebye when I getz my VirTuAl MachinE up and runnIng and Dr0p da MuD
> c0D3 on 1t, I'll ru|\| on ur mAinFr4M3, d00D!  WhAT kiNd of ConneXion
> you gotz goIn on that 14T dr1ve, anywayz?  Probly 31D3.

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