RE: Unleashed hot furry on brennar.. what the hall was all that.

From: Darklord (
Date: 12/17/96

   Hahahah..  somebody got screwed with all that email.. too bad the
whole world couldnt see it.. theyd be really pissed at me..  brennar
tried to send me a long list of mime encoded stuff just to piss me off
since i complained about the encrypted stuff...  little does he know..
I forwarrd all mail..  looped it around the router here.. save me 1 copy..
and return the rest back to him x30 ....  ouch.. next time it will be a
non stop looping mail bomb...  Im cool on this end.. but if you want to
retaliate ... and see who is a better shell script programmer.. be my

  Flame this fool.

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