Re: RE: Unleashed hot furry on brennar.. what the hall was all that.

From: Corey Brenner (
Date: 12/17/96

>    Hahahah..  somebody got screwed with all that email.. too bad the
> whole world couldnt see it.. theyd be really pissed at me..  brennar
> tried to send me a long list of mime encoded stuff just to piss me off

Nope, try again rookie.  uuencoding is not like MIME, nor was it
attached as such.  You've been demoted to the rank of toilet-scrubber.

> since i complained about the encrypted stuff...  little does he know..

Nope, try again B1ff.  That silly garbage I posted was commonly known
as "K-Rad".  A term which I thought you might be more than passably

> I forwarrd all mail..  looped it around the router here.. save me 1 copy..

You looped it around the router, eh?  Must have, since it never got here.
Nice try, rookie.  And, by the way, do learn to spell.

> and return the rest back to him x30 ....  ouch.. next time it will be a
> non stop looping mail bomb...  Im cool on this end.. but if you want to
> retaliate ... and see who is a better shell script programmer.. be my
> guest... 

Now that's funny.  I never saw a piece of this mail!  Are you quite
sure you're competent?  sane?  I have no reason to continue a flame-fest
on this end, but I'm game for whatever you want to dish.  Better luck
next time, b1FF.

>   Flame this fool.

*dons asbestos jumpsuit*

Go 'head.

Corey Brenner
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