Re: room dig command alteration

From: Mym the Incarnation of War (
Date: 12/17/96

> ok.. I have looked over the code... and over the code... and over the code...
> but I am unable to (with my limated C knowlage) figure out how to make the
> dig command make the room if it doesant exits... has anyone doon this and
> could you eather explane how you did it or send a copy my way so I can look
> at it.. thanks...

  Do you have an OLC?  If so, which?  I have OasisOLC and I added the dig
command cause it's so frackin useful.  I added the ability for it to create
rooms.  It's about 10 lines of code I could easily email ya if you also
have Oasis.  It just calls some of the Oasis functions.  Could prolly do
the same idea with Obuild if you have that instead.

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