[STOCK BUG ?!?] Some serious thac0 stuff bug...

From: Remko M. Wiersma (ia_remko@cs.utwente.nl)
Date: 12/18/96


Erm... Since I wanted to write a new and better do_consider command, that
does not only just compare two levels, but uses armor class, hitroll,
damroll etc., I did some research on what on earth the thac0 stuff was about.
In the documentation (if I'm not mistaking it was in defs.doc) a simple
example was presented:

>          Your <THAC0> is 14 (ei. level 7 fighter). You are fighting
>          an opponent with <AC> '3'. Thus to hit <AC> 0 you must
>          roll a 14 or greater. To hit <AC> 3 you must then roll
>          11 (14-3) or greater. If you had to hit <AC> '-3' you
>          would have to roll 17 (14-(-3)) or greater on a 20 sided
>          dice.

This leads to: I would hit the guy if only I would roll a number such that
my thac0 reduced with it gives me my opponents ac or less, right ? In other

thac0 - diceroll <= victim_ac

Ok. Simple enough. Next thing, I checked out the do_hit function, to see
how much damage a player would do on the average. After some calculations
we got the thac0 of the player, the victim_ac and some diceroll.
Then we check wether or not we hit the guy, with:

>  if ((((diceroll < 20) && AWAKE(victim)) &&
>       ((diceroll == 1) || ((calc_thaco - diceroll) > victim_ac))))


Didn't I just come to the opposite (not taking into account the AWAKE and
diceroll </== stuff) ?!?

Now: did I do something wrong or is this a BUG in stock circle ?


R.M. Wiersma
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