Re: [STOCK BUG ?!?] Some serious thac0 stuff bug...

From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 12/18/96

D&D background coming to the fore, 

d20roll >= THAC0  - ac(victim)

now, in highschool the moving around of the <>'s would have been cake, but
i am currently wrestling the the gain_exp mess in fight.c, so my brain is
kinda fubard,   hope this wasnt too much a waste of bandwidth, please let
me know what conclusions you come too...

Ghost Shaidan, ?able Sanity, <temporarily> 4000
					  ( 4000)

coding takes time, and i appriciate the hard work that goes into something
like this, is there anything you are interested in that i could perhaps
offer you for a copy of this consider code? It's something I have been
meaning to try and tackle, but havent gotten around to yet...

> This leads to: I would hit the guy if only I would roll a number such that
> my thac0 reduced with it gives me my opponents ac or less, right ? In other
> words: 
> thac0 - diceroll <= victim_ac
> Ok. Simple enough. Next thing, I checked out the do_hit function, to see
> how much damage a player would do on the average. After some calculations
> we got the thac0 of the player, the victim_ac and some diceroll.
> Then we check wether or not we hit the guy, with:
> >  if ((((diceroll < 20) && AWAKE(victim)) &&
> >       ((diceroll == 1) || ((calc_thaco - diceroll) > victim_ac))))
> Erm........
> Didn't I just come to the opposite (not taking into account the AWAKE and
> diceroll </== stuff) ?!?
> Now: did I do something wrong or is this a BUG in stock circle ?

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