Bug fix for mount patch

From: J. David Ribak (ribak@Token.Net)
Date: 12/18/96

I have been speaking with Daniel regarding the new mount patch and he asked
that I report this bug to the list.  

The bug involved do_buck, where damage from falling off of a bucking mount
was applied to the mount, rather than the rider.  I don't have an original
version to post here, but here is the fix:

This is part of do_buck in act.movement.c.  Note that some of this got
truncated when I cut and paste.

. . .

  act("$n quickly bucks, throwing $N to the ground.", FALSE, ch, 0, ...

/* Changes to damage and send_to_char to properly reflect who is taking the
   damage. */

  if (number(0, 4)) {
    send_to_char("You hit the ground hard!\r\n", RIDDEN_BY(ch));
    damage(RIDDEN_BY(ch), RIDDEN_BY(ch), dice(2,4), -1);
  }        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
/* this was moved outside of the if block. */

. . .

I belive that Daniel said he would update the patch on the FTP site.  


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