[CODE] Has anyone added old string command?

From: Rhys - Legends (rhys@saffron.hack.net)
Date: 12/19/96

Has anyone put in the old DIKU string command to allow
stringing of objects?

I have done so, however, I am having trouble saving the 

When the character rents, all names are lost...
I put the field saves in objsave.c, in the structs
struct obj_data *Obj_from_store_to and
struct obj_file_elem Obj_to_store_from

Does anyone have any suggestions for me or does anyone
have clear instructions on how to save these fieldnames and
reload them when the character exits rent?

I am aware that the objfile has been changed...  I am working off
empty pfiles and ofiles.

Thanks in advance.

Legends of Blade and Magic
mud.inc.net 9000

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