[Prolly newbie] Corpses.

From: Ghost Shaidan (ghost@ao.net)
Date: 12/19/96

Ok, a corpse is an object with v3 != 0..
in the make_corpse() would it hurt anything to set this v3 to say....
a players idnum? as long as it !=0 its a corpse right?

(background info)
Just changed the who gain exp stuff around (what a maze for a nebie coder,
but i understand functions and sprintf and casting floats and ints now)
and players are losing 20% of what they have exp-wise when they die.  For
some of the higher levels, this can mean upto 64 million exp gone (yes I
did change max exp per death in config.c) now, i beleive death should be a
bad thing, and should take a few weeks or more to recover from (especially
at level 200...)

BUT 64 mil does seem horrendous, so i am kicking around a spell idea
(or a mob/item spec proc more likely) that checks and sees if the
character is using THEIR corpse to do this.  i.e. diara dies, and grabs
her corpse, if she can recall with it, or have her friends do it and get
to the X mob fast enough and afford the "ressurection" fee, it will do
some nifty math to her exp and give her back say 1/2 of what she lost.
now since the corpse timer isnt obscenely long, she isnt going to be able
to go out and get enough exp for it to matter in the equation.

So the spec proc checks the idnum of the person giving the corpse vs value
3 of corpse, if its = sucks down the gold, and voila! happier mudders!

if any of you happened to read this far, do you see any potential abuse?
any better or worse ways of handling this?

Ghost Shaidan
?able Sanity
porsche.ag.net 4000 4000

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