From: Scott Warren (scottw59@mail.idt.net)
Date: 12/19/96

  there seems to be a problem with uploading to the circle site.
range.tar.gz should be 11,279 bytes and each of my 3 attempts (with
different ftp programs) are less than that. Perhaps the best thing would be
to split my upload file at this point but I will hold off until I get more
info as to why this is happening (where the problem is and such). Presently,
my email is spotty, if I attach the files to email sometimes it gets sent
sometimes it doesn't (server just times out). I have about 15 requests for
the code so far. I'll try email for now. I'm sure someone out there can
explain the problem with the circle ftp site. 
  Meanwhile, thanks for the interest.

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