Re: [CODE] Has anyone added old string command?

From: Rhys - Legends (
Date: 12/19/96

Matt, your email address bounces EVERY time, including the old
fresno one.

Anyways, the below message was mailed to me to help me save 
re-strung object descriptions.

I'm trying to put in the old DIKU string command, and I was able to
restring the objects.  I'm having some trouble saving the names
and restoring names when the player exits rent.

I don't know if the objects are saving the names... however, I have
added the proper lines to objsave.c

Has anyone done this yet for circle?

Thanks in advance.


On Thu, 19 Dec 1996, Darklord wrote:

> yes i do have the solution.. and can fix it for you in 5 minutes..
> ohhh .. its  you again.. thanks for the welcome back.. reply after
> 6 mo of mail i sent you.
> yea.. ya have to add some stuff in the db.c where is says char_save_to_store
> and then about 200 lines down in the store_to_char
> that will do it.. 
> and if your getting prombs with the strings not saving..  use str_dup("");
> instead of strcat.
> -Darklord

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