[CODE][NEWBIE]MOBPROGS and what inherent bugs/queirks?

From: Peter Hartman (hartman@kuntrynet.com)
Date: 12/21/96

Hello all, i've isntalled MOBPROGS (after fixing the header info)
and it compiled in fine.  However for some reason the docs on syntax
seem to be off alittle and i can't get my mobs to work properly. 
Basically the docs say to end a prog with ~ or a | if you are gonna have
another prog.  So i made a quickie following the example in the docs
and it didnt terminate the mobprog right when i put a ~ at the end.

here is what i did.

fido dog~
the beastly fido~
blah blah mucking
Fido is cute
161 0 -200 S
0 20 10 1d6+4 1d4+0
0 25
8 8 1
>greet_prog 100~
growl $n

an the only way i can get it somewhat work (it still doesnt work 100% of
the time for some reason. is to make the ~ at the end ~ and theN |
>greet_prog 100~
growl $n

now this makes no sense in accordance to the docs and my c skills are
mediochre but not quite up to the par they should be in totally finding
the file write and so forth that mobprogs.c does.  So if any help is
available i would be much appreciated.


PS: also I realize that spec_procs are more efficient.  But i would like
to get this mobprogs working because my world builders are bugging me
for it.

thanks agaiN!

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