[INFO] Need help .. trying to make const char loop!

From: Zumwalt (zumwalt@koala.morningside.edu)
Date: 12/21/96

  I duno if this is possible.. cause its sure not something i have heard
of recently.. anyway.. i want to be able to make a loop..lets say to
print the alphebet  a-z and A-Z  .. now if arnt a newbie and know the
character constant table.. ie 0064 is like letter A or something.. i forgot the
table myself.. but you get the idea.. so basically i want the for loop
to repeat all the values.

  Now just for the record.. i already have a partial ansii character pallette
designed for my mud.. if if you dont believe me .. come to my mud
and find out for yourself..  triton.cs.csufresno.edu 6666

  Now.. i am positive that nobody in the world has done this for a mud..
and i am real close to having it completed..  and since dkobleke@california.com
replyes to just about every single piece of mail.. well this is what i 
was talking about in the reply i sent you earlier today about the help

  Ok.. another new invention from Bio-Hazard MUD Industries.. hahah :)

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