[AD] Morgaelin

From: claywar (claywar@CETLink.Net)
Date: 12/21/96

along on my way.  I'm proud to annouce that Morgaelin is now up in beta
testing after nine months of sweat and code (special thanks to many
people).  If anyone is interested in building or just testing, telnet to
the address below

static-131.cetlink.net 9000

Hope to see you there

claywar -<: Faras the Fabulous, Implementor :>-

Adding a Morgue is as simple as transporting a corpse.

add the following code in fight.c at the end of make_corpse

where the line:
  obj_to_room(corpse, ch->in_room);
change to:

if (!IS_NPC(ch))
  obj_to_room(ch, real_room(VNUM_ROOM_MORGUE));
  obj_to_room(ch, ch->in_room);

in structs.h
  #define VNUM_ROOM_MORGUE	<vnum of the morgue>

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