[TIP] Extending Vnums

From: Ground Zero Enterprises (zero@baker.cnw.com)
Date: 12/21/96

If you decide to make more vnums possible by changing all the sh_int 
types in world/obj/mob structures and functions having to do with these
to int (or maybe you need long int if it isnt Linux) you also need to
change this in discrete_load in db.c:

if (nr >= 99999)

Or your highest vnum will be limited to 99999 instead of 2million or 
whatever the highest int is.  I am not sure if this is stock, or if maybe 
my olc wrote this in somehow, but I had to remove '#99999' which was the 
second to last line in my 61.wld file so fread_string didnt complain after 
changing the above check was changed to just return when that vnum was hit.
If you can do this I would suggest it since it obviously makes much more 
room for expansion.
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