RE: [code] [newbie]

From: Robert Sinland (
Date: 12/21/96

I have a newbie question that I know I saw answered here some time ago, but I seem to have lost the original.
Anyway, I finally got my compiler to work, compiled stock circle under Win 95, all error free :)    Now I thought I would try a patch.  The abrev patch looked good to start with, but I'm slighty confused.
In the patch it goes like this...

In 'handler.c', change isname() to this:

#define WHITESPACE " \t"

int isname(char *str, char *namelist)
  char *newlist;
  char *curtok;
my question is how much of the old code do I take out and replace with this?  My _guess_  is everything from the { under int isname to the closing bracket,   or do I just place this patch in on top of it?
ie int isname
	{  patch code here
}   end of patch code
                        {  original code here    (delete this?)
} end of original code

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