Im a newbie, plz help

From: Daniel Durnin (
Date: 12/23/96

Hey people,

First of all, Merry Christmas!:)

Ok, Im an EXO on a modified circleMUD called awake at 4000.
Ive built tons of rooms, and I ve begun trying to learn how to write
special procedures for mobs, items, rooms, etc. I got the Circle Code off
the net, and from that I learnt how to make mobs say random stuff, how
often.....ya know, the easy basic stuff. Unfortunately, Im really looking
for complex stuff that I as of yet haven't been able to find. Here are some

1> Probably very simple to most of you, a Mob spec that makes it switch.
You know, a mob is fighting three people, and it chooses a person different
from the present one to start fighting.

2> A mob that stops players from going any exits other than the one they
came from unless the mob gets a certain item from the PC.

Im sorry to bog you guys with this stuff, Im new to the list and wasnt sure
what to really write.

I was told by many on the net to refer to you guys for some help on writing
general specs and understanding them. What I'm really aiming for is to
learn from example and understand enough to write my own little specs:)

Plz let me know if im out of line writing too much, or whatever. I would be
incredibly grateful if any1 could help me out with general specs and

Many thanks,


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