Re: Im a newbie, plz help

From: Ghost Shaidan (
Date: 12/23/96

On Mon, 23 Dec 1996, Daniel Durnin wrote:

> Hey people,
> First of all, Merry Christmas!:)
> Ok, Im an EXO on a modified circleMUD called awake at 4000.
> Ive built tons of rooms, and I ve begun trying to learn how to write
> special procedures for mobs, items, rooms, etc. I got the Circle Code off
> the net, and from that I learnt how to make mobs say random stuff, how
> often.....ya know, the easy basic stuff. Unfortunately, Im really looking
> for complex stuff that I as of yet haven't been able to find. Here are some
> examples:
> 1> Probably very simple to most of you, a Mob spec that makes it switch.
> You know, a mob is fighting three people, and it chooses a person different
> from the present one to start fighting.

Rather then a spec proc, would it not (and this IS just a question cause i
am looking into this as well) be easier to modify the AGGR bits code or
make yet a new flag that it checks for in the PULSE VIOLENCE section that
will count the # of ppl fighting and pick a random number, unless its
blind or they have improved invis or something like that?

> 2> A mob that stops players from going any exits other than the one they
> came from unless the mob gets a certain item from the PC.
This would be a better mob prog than a spec proc (I have coded many things
and beleive it or not STILL have LOTS of prolems with spec procs)

If I am way off, please flames to me (with an explanation as to _how_ i am

Happy Holidays to all!!!

Ghost Shiadan
?able Sanity 4000

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