[Bugfix] Improved_edit nullstring bug

From: Sammy (Samedi@cris.com)
Date: 12/24/96

Sombody found that when using obuild, if you clear the text buffer in
improved_edit, then save, it crashes.  I looked into this, and it seems
like there's a problem with the improved editor, unless I missed something
when I modified obuild to work with it.  Here's how I fixed it:

In modify.c, function string_add, line 613 (your code may vary) looks like

	if(terminator == 1) {

Change this to:

	if(terminator == 1 && *d->str) {

And at line 620, change this:


To this:


I'd suggest that anyone using the improved editor implement this fix.  You
never can have too much error checking, ya know :)


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