Time based area events...

From: Chris Williams (cdw@metro2.k12.mn.us)
Date: 12/24/96

I have no clue how to work this one out. I have two areas that I want to
have certain events occur in, based on the time (in mud time). To further
the roleplaying aspect of the mud I build for. I'm not too much of a coder
yet...mostly just an area builder, but I want to improve my areas...here

The first... My capital city has main gates (n,s,e,w), I want them to
automatically lock at a given time (for the night to keep the city safe :-)
) I would like them to still be able to be opened with the proper key if
Someone suggested just using a mob program and have guard do it, but
again...how would I trigger this based on time?

The second area... I have a graveyard, and I would like the mobs in it
(ghouls,vamps, werewolf and what have you) to only be in the zone at night.
You know, according to fairy tale they only come out at night. Anyways, how
would I accomplish this?


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