RE: [Ansi] Greeting

From: Anthony J rye (
Date: 12/25/96

On Wed, 25 Dec 1996, Gary Barnett wrote:

> >
> If you have a DOS capable machine, there is a shareware program called THEDRAW.
> It is absolutely the best ANSI screen oriented editor I've seen. It can also do ANSI
> animation.. Kind of fun, if you don't have too fast of a connection.. Wow.. finally
> something a slow connection is better at *grin* 
> >From a coding perspective, to send an ANSI greeting you have to either sense the
> ANSI capability on the player's term.. or ask first.  Then it's as simple as displaying
> one or the other file depending on the answer/result. 
> BTW The editor can be found as The version I have is TDRAW461.ZIP.
>       --Mallory
>       BTW Has anyone implemented the 'check for ansi' in Circle? I had it on a BBS I ran years
>      ago, but I didn't keep the source.. And as far as doing it myself.. well it'll be at least a year
>      before I can get to those kind of bells and whistles *wistful sigh*
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 Actually i must bag to differ i found that a program called AcidDraw is
much easier and better to use then file another easy one to
use is the ansi editor that comes with pcboard.

 which comes a thought to mind is there a program out there which you can
make gif and jpg files as apart of a welcome screen to mud?
and in the config.h file how would i expand the line:
               Your mud name here?
and the menu set, how are is it to display color codes in that?
 i have tried including screen.h and color.c but it doesnt seem to
reconize the coding for my color?

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